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Has been serving as a manufacturer and supplier of top quality spare parts, specialized on spare parts of hydraulic/pneumatic rock drilss, used in international mining sector, quarries and construction sector.

TEZMAN is one of the leading players of its field, with 20 years of experience. With its high quality service, TEZMAN is represented global rock drilling machinery market. Our factory is located in Turkey which has a fast devoloping economy and ling established relations with both the West and East. TEZMAN enjoys the economical and geographical advantages of this country.

TEZMAN has a best team which include 25 people with 3 floors and 400 m² factory. TEZMAN manufacture and supply approximately 1.000 different alternative spare parts.

TEZMAN aim is to provide high quality in market and to compansate service using its strong financial resources with its expertise on hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

TEZMAN always build up its manufacturing system according to sector needs and supports the clients benefits. It serves maximum qualities with minimum costs in sector by using its manufacturer sides.

TEZMAN can manufacture and supply parts and give service for every rock drills brands where you need. TEZMAN has become a company that exports to more than 40 countries in 4 continents.

TEZMAN provides both alternative equipments and spare parts for customers in the fastest way with its various store.

TEZMAN explains the success meaning “ Working customer satisfaction oriented, Acting with ethical principles.”


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